My own mixed video.Please comment anything.
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=)I seen the ending, and really, u needed to see all the journeys he went through, before u can see the last chapter that will make u cry.
=)This the last chapter(lat last bit): Long time ago, when Gulitdaion(chinese) is still in human form in his own planet,he had a fight with the boss…. This time, he wanted to die with the boss but xiu ki(chinese)=main character don’t want to leave, then xiu kuai(the not earthling girl) come here to ask xiu ki to go away bask to the station…left.
=)After 1-3 months, one day they all playes ball games in the grass, and when the others asked xiu ki to take back the ball behind the grass, he think about Gulitdaion, ‘I made a promise with him not to cry out because I am strong, but…’
=)Then(this is the good part), xiu ki sadly go back to his room, and…suddenly the Gulitdaion toy on his table, which came out from a light in the computer. he smile, his family called him and opened the dorr, a light came out of the computer, then his brother said,’ Hey, it’s not fair that only big brother can go!’
=)In space(background), Gulitdaion says,’It’s gone na be a long and new journey from now on.’. xiu ki says, ‘yes, and we will be together forever/I will not leave u again.’ (op song)

Duration : 0:4:17

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