I'm looking for a rash guard type shirt or some type of body suit for myWeimaraners to protect them from the sun. Sunscreen works okay, but we take them boating quite frequently, so I'm looking for a better option.
I'm looking for a rash guard type shirt or even a wetsuit type shirt to protect from my Weims from the sun. I'm not looking for a life jacket as much as sun protection. Sunscreen works well, but applying it often is a pain, so I am looking for a simpler solution. Anybody know any good retailers of these kinds of items?
Wow, Cassie. Some life you must have to sit and answer questions that you have no intelligent answer for. Don't bother if you're gonna be a smart-ass.

Petedge is the BEST place for stuff like this. They are cheap and have great quality items, they provide everything for dogs and cats even hard to get stuff that groomers use.

These are life jackets
Here are bodysuits from K9 Top Coat

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