Paddler Series Kayakers Waterproof First Aid Kit

Treat yourself, fix your gear, or survive the unexpected epic trip with our new Paddler Kit featuring first aid supplies, gear repair, and survival items. Includes: Storm matches that light anywhere, whatever the weather; Two Person Emergency Reflective Blanket; Duct tape; and Aquaseal urethane adhesive for repairing drysuits gaskets, sprayskirts, and wetsuits. You won’t need to cut your trip short with this kit. Clear, waterproof dry bag makes it easy to find what you need. Trip Duration: 1 – 4 days Group Size: 1 – 4 people Dislocations/Sprains – with Elastic Bandage Wounds – with Irrigation Syringe Blisters – with moleskin Burns – with Double Antibiotic Ointment Trauma – with Sterile Dressings Allergic Symptoms – with Antihistamines Virus Transmission – with Infectious Control Pack Medical Instruments: Bandage Scissors Splinter Picker Forceps “Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine 2nd edition” – by Eric A. Weiss M.D. “An Illustrated Guide to Life Threatening Emergencies” – by Eric A. Weiss M.D. Gear Repair Duct Tape Aquaseal Urethane Adhesive Survival Storm/Waterproof/Windproof Matches Two Person Emergency Blanket

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