8-10 days after the full moon Sea Wasps (a type of box jellyfish) swarm the shallows. They were out in force the first couple of nights I was in Bonaire. They are attracted to the lights at the resort (the wall and pillar in the video are the boat dock and wall of the resort) and on the night when we saw the most I lost count of them but I would estimate that there were between 15-20 of them right around the docks at Buddy Dive resort.

Several people were sent to the hospital for treatment after being stung by these guys. One of them talked about how even days after the sting it felt like he had touched a hot stove and burned his finger tips. He also said that as soon as he was stung his legs cramped up immediately making it difficult to swim.

Here’s some more info

How to treat a Jellyfish sting

This species (Carybdea Alata I think) is not the same box Jellyfish that is known to be one of the most venomous creatures on the planet (Chironex fleckeri). The dive staff at the resort told me that as long as the person wasn’t allergic to the sting there is little chance of lasting serious damage being done by this jellyfish. They said it’s like a severe bee sting and when people get stung they take them to the hospital to get an antihistamine shot (at least I think that’s what it was) to help ease the pain.

Oh and I wasn’t actually in the water filming this. I put the breathing sounds in because I thought it sounded boring without them. If Jellyfish are around stay near the bottom and make sure the surface is clear then exit the water as quickly as possible. These things move fast and are attracted to your dive lights. Also they can’t sting you through nylon so wearing a protective dive skin would be a wise decision.

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