SeaCure Mouthpiece 24.95

* SeaCURE Custom Mouthpiece, being moldable, cannot only perfectly fit every individual mouth but can actually enter the mouth all the way to the rear of the jaw employing all of the diver’s teeth. The result is that the large rear teeth and tremendous mechanical advantage of the back of the jaw can now be employed to retain the mouthpiece/regulator unit during diving, greatly reducing the required muscle effort. In addition, because SeaCURE has to fit only one mouth, it can be constructed in a much more sturdy design allowing transfer of the regulator/hose load to the rear of the jaw. Because if is not as flexible as conventional mouthpieces, SeaCURE greatly reduces gum abrasion. SeaCURE I – fits standard orifice regulators that have a conventional mouthpiece retention lip. Apollo; Bridgestone; Coral; Dacor (new pacer model; not older pacer); Beuchat (VS-3,4&5); Cressi-sub; IDI; Parkway; Halcyon Rebreather; Pro Sub (Avalon); NDS; Nemrod, ; Scuba Pro; Seac; SAS; Sherwood (most early models/Brut/Magnum II/Oasis/Pre 1992 Blizzards); Tabata/Tusa 500 Series; Early Metal US Diver Models; and other standard size orifice regulators. SeaCURE II – fits intermediate size air orifice regulators. Apex; Atomic Titannum; Beuchat (VS-6&10); Chiaro; Mares newer model but not on Mares MR12II, III, IV or V); IST; Ocean Edge; Tekna; Oceanic; ProSub (larger size); Seaquest (not air source);Sherwood Maximus/Oasis 2/1992; Newer Blizzard; New Maximus (requires Professional Model only, the diver can grind one side of the internal core of the mouthpiece to maintain and venturi effect); Zeagle; and other intermediate size orifice regulators. SeaCURE III – Fits US Diver Plastic Regulators, new Seaquest, Genesis, & SeaMech US Diver regulators do not have the conventional retention lip on the mouthpiece orifice common to all other regulators and therefore no other SeaCURE model should be used on Plastic US Diver regulators.

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