From the mothership of extreme ironing:

Another week, another world record. The world depth record for ironing under water has yet again be broken – or more accurately reclaimed – by Louise Trewavas, aka Dive Girl.
The London Eye is 135m high. The new world record for extreme ironing, set by Louise Trewavas (Dive Girl) is a depth of 137m (452 feet).

According to Dive Girl’s press release, she: “took an ironing board and iron to 137m in the Blue Hole, at the Red Sea resort of Dahab, to reclaim her extreme ironing world record. The event took place on 17 August and was captured on underwater video by dive buddy Steve Brown. Dive computers carried by both divers recorded the depth of the dive, and the divers had to spend over three hours in the water carrying out decompression stops in order to avoid the bends.”

Duration : 0:3:2

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