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Large water resistant 25.5 x 17 map Side 1: Favorite dive spots. Also shows reef fish scuba & snorkeling spots and some favorite boating locations & much more! Side 2: Details of some of the smaller and more obscure islands and their reefs and wrecks scuba diving & snorkeling map and tourist attractions Has more information on the Main islands in the chain with additional information on airlines ferries marine park rules dive shops charterboats live aboards and marine photography studios. Shows all of the most common sailing and motoring routes in the channel to all the islands This side of the map also shows St. John in the U.S Virgin Islands Folded and easy to carry LOCATIONS: Channel Islands Nat’l Park & Marine Sanctuary Map Kaua’i Diving Map Hawaii The Big Island Diving Map Cozumel Map British Virgin Islands Map Cayman islands Map Frankos Maps – Scuba Diving Books Videos and CDs Travel Books .

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