Henderson 5mm Hyperstretch Titanium Step-In Jacket - Wet Suits - Scuba diving equipment & gear

Farmer John Only Wear by itself or Mix and Match Titanium neoprene 4 way-stretch Titanium material for superior warmth Hyperstretch will stretch 200% more than standard neoprene Can be worn over other suits for added warmth Spine pad to keep the chill out Can be worn comfortably by multiple persons with different body types Get a custom wetsuit without the added costs! Flexible stylistic knee pads provide exceptional grip and durability COLOR: Black only MENS SIZES: XSmall through 3XLarge WOMENS SIZES: XSmall through 2XLarge FULL MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY And the reviews are in: …feels as if it were custom made -California Diving News …can stretch up to 250% of its original size -California Diving News Click for Henderson sizing chart Henderson 5mm Hyperstretch Titanium Step-In Jacket – Scuba Diving Wet Suits Temperate Water 60 – 75 degrees .

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