ScubaPro Spectra Two Window Mask Red

Do you really have to give up your sense of style when buying scuba gear? The people at ScubaPro don’t think so! That’s why they designed the new Spectra mask. This low-profile, high-comfort mask is available is five stylish colors, thanks to an innovative new metallic paint method. The Spectra mask doesn’t just look good. It is a prime mask, in terms of function. The dual silicone skirts (available in crystal clear and black, depending upon the frame color) mean you’ll never have to worry about an uncomfortable fit. It’s low-profile personality means clearing the mask is an effortless task. Because the Spectra has two lenses, you’ll be able to clearly and easily see more of what surrounds you. The Spectra is all about dual. It has dual silicone skirts, a dual-lens design, and offers dual tone colors! What could be better? You’re bold; that’s one reason you scuba dive. Now your gear can compliment your adventurous personality with a stylish mask that is sure to leave everyone else a little green with envy.

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