Here’s an old vid I found from about 2002-ish. I went on a shark dive in St. Maarten. Very glad I did it but have a few issues with it in retrospect.
Letting sharks know that Humans = A Feed is pretty dumb I reckon. Even though these sharks are on the “safe list” it’s still not clever.
Having said that, I do like the fact that they only do it once in a while so the sharks don’t come to rely on the humans for food.
As we went down you couldn’t see any sharks anywhere. Then, as the food came out, they were simply there all of a sudden. It was as if they were there the whole time but keeping just out of sight …
One glided so closely over my head that it touched me! It was weird having a wild shark brushing my hair.
This just goes to show how amazingly agile they are. They cruised around, seemingly uninterested and lazy, then they’ll twist around within their own length with such speed and precision. It was a real eye opener.
I’ve always loved sharks in that I-Love-Sharks-But-Man-Am-I-Glad-They-Don’t-Live-In-My-Neighborhood kind of way so all through this dive I was gleefully grinning like an excited school girl.

– 3:20 “Say, is that a shark between your legs?”

The audio is one of Youtube’s free tracks, mine was crap 🙂

Duration : 0:5:31