Four days of fun diving ended today when Kjersti from Norway finished her last dives with me. Kjersti was coming out of Australia and stopped by Hawaii to do some fun dives before going back to the cold, dark waters of Norway.

The first day was just checkout stuff at the Sea tiger. Polo, my wreck student, was working on lines that day so it worked out fine. Louie, our phone slave, came out as well and kept Kjersti company with our 2 x-scooters.

First dive was sweet, these guys looked so happy on the scooters, but more fun to come on the second dive when one of the x-scooters lost it’s prop… great, fortunately it wasn’t mine, but Matt’s, still sucked, but I would have shot myself if it broke.

Second day was just Kjersti and I on the wreck. With no scooters with us today we decided on penetrating the wreck would be most fun, and we sure did. I felt like a roach crawling through the wreck, seldom that I get to see all of the wreck in one dive, but it sure is a nice one. Kjersti said she love it.

Tuesday was YO 257 and the airplane fuselages. Thanks to Sherman who let me use his x-scooter we were back in business again. With fully charged batteries and a will to explore did we dive into the ocean at the YO, to find no currents and great viz.

It is not far to the airplane fuselages, but it sure is nice to have a scooter drag you there instead of having to swim! Didn’t find any sharks out here today, but it is real fun to do loops and barrel rolls around the fish pyramids that Atlantis submarine sunk to attract fish.

On our way back we went inside the San Pedro, the small fishing wreck next to the YO, and found a small 3ft agitated little white tip shark. Poor beastie had a big hook in its mouth, must hurt allot… poor beastie…

Today, Wednesday, we were supposed to dive the barges out in Hawaii kai, but other divers really wanted to see the corsair plane wreck, well well, it is always nice to be on scooters anyway.

It was a good dive too! As soon as we got down there was a 6ft white tip swimming around the plane wreck, and he was not shy at all.) Stayed with us for half the dive, and let us get real close with cameras and scooters as well, thanks buddy for being a sport!

Second dive was a strange one, we decided on leaving Hawaii Loa crater and take the scooters on a straight 89 degree heading towards Anglers Reef, I think we hit the northern parts of it, but it was a while since I was that far north on the ledge so who knows.

As we changed direction and headed towards Koko craters Kjersti’s scooter ran out of power, so it was now tow time on mine. We managed to get another 10 or so minutes on full blast before mine started whimpering as well, not bad dragging 2 divers in doubles around!

Capt Joe came and picked us up about 10 minutes later, didn’t see much but sand and some new ledges, but no treasures or unknown beasties on this one… maybe next time? Who wants to take a scooter class?


Duration : 0:5:59