I'm going with a friend in June, for 2 weeks. We'll skip the discos and loud bars, but we're up for anything else that's not toooo strenuous.
I've extended this, so don't know why it's showing Choose Best Answer.

Thanks anyway to first answerer. Will try that bar.

Hi I went to Kalamaki and at the top of the main road where the bars are ( you cant miss it) there is a Cave Bar. Now its far off the main strip up a hill, so you wait and get picked up by a guy in a buggie. He takes you up there and when you have finished you shine a light in his direction and he knows to come and collect you. The bar is really nice like a castle built into caves.
Also in Zante town there is a church with a saint in a silver coffin inside, if you kiss his feet and wish for something they say it comes true. Zante town is worth a visit anyway.

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