Endless Ocean for Nintendo WII

Released in Japan under the title “Forever Blue,” Endless Ocean is an adventure game that functions as something of a scuba diving simulator. Gamers can head underwater to explore shipwrecks and coral reefs, discover and interact with wildlife, or just go for a leisurely swim. The diving boat serves as a hub where players can get advice from a crewmember, check the fish logbook to see which fish have been catalogued, and select photography missions. Once underwater, players can use the Wii Remote to swim, photograph, and interact with hundreds of different creatures including sharks, whales, dolphins, and penguins. Wildlife logging and photography missions advance the storyline and unlock new equipment for futures dives. Gamers can explore the depths alone, or use Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection to join a friend for underwater adventures. ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide Universal Nintendo Wii Adventure Games

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