I've read that some SCUBA guys call anything yellow (i.e. fins, rashguard, etc) "yum yum" yellow because of the possible attention it gets from sharks, barracudas, etc. Is this true? But then again, I hear black is not so good either because seals are black. When choosing gear/clothing is color important? Any suggestions? Thanks.

:-)) Some divers must have made a joke there or they're not well informed. The oceanographic institute studied shark attacks world wide and did look at the relationship of color to attacks. They found that sharks tend to shy away from bright colors, such as flashy yellow, flashy pink, or anything that would resemble a poisonous fish. They are more likely to go for the black, because, as you said, it does resemble a seal. It is a mystery to me why the wetsuit industry still insists on making black suits.
What sharks will take notice of is naked limbs dangling because under water, an outstretched naked arm or leg looks like dead fish to them. So if you are ever in the position where you'd encounter a shark, your best bet is not to go to the surface or try to swim away (you cannot outswim a shark), but instead to hang on to a coral or a rock at the bottom and to keep your limbs together and not shake them about or wave around. Sharks do not like the air bubbles. In aquariums, they keep sharks separate from other fish with a bubble wall.
Anyway… long story short: The flashier and more outrageous the colors of your wetsuit or skin, the better!

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