Suunto D9 Watch with Transmitter (Spring 2009)

Suunto D9 Watch with Transmitter (Spring 2009) – Elastomer – in stock now. The D9 Watchby Suunto:Underwater a diver must monitor several gauges to receive the crucial information about the dive: depth, time, tank pressure, decompression status and direction to name just a few. Suunto D9 combines all dive-critical information in one instrument, conveniently mounted on your wrist. Instead of monitoring a multitude of gauges, you can concentrate on what is important – diving.Suunto D9 is the world’s first dive computer to incorporate a digital compass. The compass shows the general direction with a graphical compass rose, as well as the exact bearing with a numerical display. Headings can be stored in Suunto D9’s memory for later analysis. The compass can naturally be used on land too.By using Suunto D9’s optional wireless transmitter, the diver can also monitor tank pressure and air consumption data from the wrist. The remaining tank pressure is displayed both numerically and graphically, and an estimation of the remaining air-time is given throughout the dive. This allows the diver to monitor the remaining air supply at the same time as he monitors depth and time. Real time air consumption is also stored in the memory.Suunto D9 can be used with up to three different gas mixes containing 21-100% oxygen, allowing gas switching during the dive. Decompression calculations are based on the Suunto Deep Stop RGBM model, which provides iterative deep stops as an alternative to traditional safety stops. For those intending to go really deep, the maximum depth display is set at 200m [660ft].In addition to basic dive data, the built-in dive logbook provides a graphical dive profile where real time water temperature and tank pressure data can be analyzed on the wristop computer. The sampling rate can be set to as low as 1s.The beautifully designed Suunto D9 has a titanium housing and includes an USB-compatible PC interface and the Suunto Dive Manager 2.0 software. Suunto D9 has

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