1)  If given the opportunity, would you take up scuba diving as a sport or profession?

2) Would you accept an invitation to go scuba diving in the open ocean?

3) What should I have said when the Dive Master informed me just before entering the water, that “we were going to dive to 80 feet, enter a cave, go to the back of it and exit out a lava tube …. and, There are usually 2 white tip sharks that hang out in the area.” Should I have jumped in the water and trust that I’ll be OK? Or should I have said “no way!” What would you have done?

diving is not for me
I think it is interesting, but definitely not for me
I am having flashbacks to that movie “Open Water”..

But of course you must remember that was just a move, I personally have been diving since the late 80’s and still enjoy open water and enclosed water diving. This is a sport that is suitable for many people.

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