I have always wanted to swim with sharks in south africa in a cage, but thats really far away. I can get to north carolina really easy and i hear theres a lot of sharks down there..like bull and tiger. I wanna go but i am also a little scared cause those are supposed to be the most aggresive. Anyone seen sharks before while diving without a cage? any facts on bull and tiger sharks?

I go diving in north carolina all the time in the summer.Mostly in Morehead city and hatteras.I've seen a lot of sharks and i don't believe anyone in north carolina uses a cage.I've seen a variety of different sharks including bull and sand tiger sharks.They can be aggressive but they have never bothered me or anyone i've ever dove with….except spearfishers because when the fish bleed that attracts the sharks, and then they will sometimes try to get the fish from them.They just swim by and don't pay any attention to you.Diving is great in north carolina.watch out for lion fish they are everywhere and have poisonous spines so dont touch!The odds of getting attacked bya shark are very slim.Your more likely to have a coconut fall on your head than be attacked by a shark!funny but true.lol. goodluck on your dive i hope you have good visability!

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