Omega Aquatics Evolution Scuba Diving BCD Buoyancy Compensator Device BC-158601S

Omega Aquatics Evolution Scuba Diving BCD Buoyancy Compensator Device BC 158601S features innovative design that incorporates the new Smart Harness, making Omega Aquatics Evolution a one size fits most Scuba BCD . With only two adjustments, the Smart Harness system by Omega Aquatics allows the Scuba Diving BC Buoyancy Compensator to be quickly and easily sized for divers of all body shapes. The new belt design of Omega Evolution BCD eliminates the need for a cummerbund. The Evolution is the most popular model of Omega Aquatics Scuba Buoyancy Compensators . This back mount Scuba Diving BCD weighs only 6.75 lbs. and provides total comfort and stability after adjusting its Smart Harness. Omega Aquatics Evolution BCD BC-158601S fits divers from S-XXL (29″-52″ Waist; 5’2″-6’7″ Tall). Omega Aquatics already have thousands of satisfied divers in their Scuba BCDs , which have been developed for every day diving by actual divers and dive professionals. Each of Omega Aquatics Scuba Diving Buoyancy Compensators accounts for quality, fit, adjustability, accessories and style. Omega Aquatics have produced a line of Scuba Diving Equipment which accommodates every style of diving, and we build them for high performance in and out of the water. All Scuba Diving Buoyancy Compensators by Omega Aquatics are built with Omega ‘s Smart Harness design. With two sets of main adjustments per side and an innovative belt design, these Scuba Diving BCDs can be quickly re-sized for a perfect fit on divers of all shapes and sizes. Each of Omega Aquatics Scuba Buoyancy Compensator Device with Smart Harness (including Omega Aquatics Evolution BC ) features: Left and right shoulder harness adjustments Adjustable belt system with depth compensation Duel trim adjustments and secondary belt strap for a customized fit Back mount with air cell with reducer system Removable/Adjustable trim weights and weight pockets Padded lumbar support & Back pack pad Height adjustable sternum strap Contoured, swivel

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