TriSports.com Rental Wetsuits

The TriSports.com Triathlon Wetsuit Rental Program will give you the opportunity to get into a triathlon wetsuit without breaking the bank. TriSports.com has an entire dedicated fleet of Blue Seventy Energie Triathlon Wetsuits available for rent in all sizes. Our rental process is quite simple. There is a $65 rental charge, a $300 deposit, plus any shipping charges. The rental fee includes a prepaid return shipping label to TriSports.com and includes a one week rental (additional weeks are also $65/week). Once the suit is returned in good condition and on time you will be refunded the $300 deposit. The best part about our rental program is that you can apply the $65 rental charge toward the purchase of any wetsuit we sell w/in 90-days of the rental (a maxium of two rentals can be applied to a wetsuit purchase). To complete the rental process, please select the size of suit you need (if you need help, please contact us or use our Wetsuit Assistant ). Once you are in the checkout section of the website, please make a note in the comments section what day you need your wetsuit. Your wetsuit will arrive on or before the day you need your suit. If you do not own BodyGlide , we strongly encourage you to purchase some with your rental. By clicking the Order button, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of our wetsuit agreement . Please remember to make a note in the comments section to let us know what day you need your wetsuit!    Blue Seventy Wetsuits Sizing Chart – MEN – Size Height(ft/in) Height (cm) Build Weight (kg) Weight (lbs) XS 410 – 54 147cm-160cm Extra Small 55 65 kg 121 143 lbs SM 54 – 59 160cm-170cm Small 65 75 kg 141 165 lbs SMT 58 – 60 168cm-182cm Small/Tall 68 78 kg 150 172 lbs M 58 – 61 172cm-184cm Medium 74 85 kg 158 187 lbs MT 511 – 62 180cm-188cm Medium/Tall 76 86 kg 160 190 lbs ML 511 – 63 182cm-190cm Medium/Large 84 90 kg 176 198 lbs L 511 – 64 184cm-194cm Large 88 98 kg 192 220 lbs XL 60 66 185cm-200cm Extra Large 96 + kg 209 + lbs  

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