Classic Game Room HD reviews YARS’ REVENGE for the Nintendo DS / Gameboy Advance. It’s Yars’ Revenge on the GO! Word! Blast the Quotile with your mighty Zorlon cannon in office meetings, the dentist office, in gym class and when scuba diving. This awesome game pack for GBA, which works on Nintendo DS, can be had in bargain bins now for less than a footlong sub. And just like subs can pack three kinds of meat, this game packs three video games in one! PONG, ASTEROIDS and YARS REVENGE!!! Sadly is does not come with the excellent Yars’ Revenge comic book but the game itself makes an excellent transition to a portable game system. A few changes were made, namely with some sound FX and the scale of the Yar and Razak Solar System, but overall the gameplay is solid and the lasting fun and replay value of Yars’ Revenge can be played in your Nintendo DS! This game cartridge is from Atari for the Gameboy Advance and has a menu where you select from three arcade machines, Pong, Asteroids and Yar’s Revenge. Go Nintendo for the making the Nintendo DS compatable, awesome! Classic Game Room HD reviews gameboy advance games and Nintendo DS games like Yars’ Revenge, as a Nintendo Gameboy reviewer reviewing Gameboy Advance games on a Nintendo DS. Sometimes the best games can be found in clearance bins!

Duration : 0:5:20

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