I've been thinking for weeks and I've come up with nothing. He's not a "typical guy" — he doesn't like power tools, sports, etc. He likes technology and scuba diving. However, he already has everything! He has a gps, an iPod, two iPod speaker things, more than enough TVs, all of the scuba gear ever invented… I thought about getting him a Keurig coffee maker, but it seems a bit silly since he's never in a rush and has plenty of time to make coffee the old-fashioned way. He only watches movies once, so there's no point in buying him one, and he doesn't listen to CD's. He has a digital picture frame and an underwater camera. I'm not even going to be here on Sunday (6 week summer program) and we're already going out to dinner Saturday night so I can't really cook for him. He's never used anything that I've gotten him and I really want to find something he can USE this year. Please, please help me! I'm only 16 so I have a bit of a budget, but I can go up to around $150.

a portable GPS thing so he can tell where he is on the planet, and where you are too!

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