So I want to buy a digital camera using Lithium batteries because I read they last longer and can recharge, and SD cards or something commonly used. It must also have lots of features, take good quality photos, have a good shutter and hopefulyl can take pretty good action and night photos, have video option, fast load and photo taking times, have a really long lasting battery/recharge quick and not too expensive. Anything else I should look for?

I will be doign a trip To UK, Europe and Asia and plan to do some snorkling and scuba diving, I need to buy a new digital compact camera and I was thinking if I should get a waterproof one as it could be cool but I am not sure if they are more costly and dont take as good general photos or movies?

What do you think?

Check the Olympus Stylus SW line of shock-proof and water-proof cameras.

Be forewarned that all digicams suffer from what's known as "shutter lag" – the delay between the time you press the shutter button and the camera actually takes the picture. Some have more than others but all have it. You can minimize it by pressing the shutter button 1/2 way down so the camera can focus and then finish releasing the shutter. Using "continuous" or "burst" mode can also help.

Also, digicams are usually poor performers in low-light, even with flash.

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