PowerFlare PF-200 Safety Light 3 Pack,Red LEDs,Yellow Case,Carrybag and Xtra Batteries

font color=’#003399′ b u h3 The PowerFlare PF-200 3 Pack, 3 PF-200 Safety Lights, Softpack Carry Case, Xtra Batteries /h3 /u /b /font b i font color=’#000000′ Authorized Dealer of PowerFlare Products /font /i /b p b u /u /b /p p b The 3 Pack contains 3 PowerFlare PF-200 Safety Lights in a Softpack and 3 Xtra CR-123 Lithium Batteries. The Softpack Case will hold up to 4 PF-200 Safety lights in case you decide to expand later, and has a zippered pouch to hold the extra batteries and any other accessories. /b /p font color=’#000000′ p b Invented by a police officer, and Made in the USA, the amazing PowerFlare PF-200 Rechargeable Safety Light is an essential piece of equipment for Drivers, Boaters, Outdoorsman, Divers, Police, EMTs. Rescue First Responders, and Members of Emergency Response Teams. This compact light emits 360 degrees of ultra-bright light from an array of 16 LEDs, and is visible up to 10 miles away. Sturdy construction allows PowerFlare units to be deployed in Traffic. So Durable these units can be ran over by a Tank. The PF-200 uses 1 RCR-123 3.6V Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery which can left in the carger until the unit is needed without the battery developing memory like other rechargeables. Intrinsically safe, they Can be deployed around spilled fuel or in brush unlike chemical flares. No more holes burned in clothing, and no dangerous chemical residue to wash into our lakes and rivers. /b /p /font font color=’#000000′ b u h4 Suggested Uses /h4 /u /b /font b font color=’#006600′ * Vehicle Breakdown * Traffic Control * Rescue Signaling * Boating/Marine/Scuba Diving * Tactical Police and Military Operations * Helicopter Landing Zones * School Crossing Safety * Biking Safety Light * Power Blackouts * Earthquakes * Hurricanes * Disasters * Other Emergencies * /font /b h4 b u Features /u /b /h4 ol li Size – 4.25′ (12CM) diameter x 1.25′ (3.5cm) Tall /li li Weight – Less than 7oz (200g) with Battery

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