Morning all. So I found a chance to upload this episode, don’t think that I’ll be on at the same rate as I was before. I can’t upload that fast anymore, because my computer will become all stupid and gay. Well I finally finished everything with school, until they give us more work to do -.-
Oh man 1 more episode until I can have a bit of a break.
Guess what everyone! Remember the metro people I was talking about a few episodes back? The ones that were grabbing each others es. Well I met one of them! His name is John and mother of jesus he sounds like a queer and dam well looks like one too. It was funny because it was raining and he was running through the rain covering his hair. I just walked out and let my long hair get wet but he sprinted like a little girl trying not to get his hair wet… I’d like to see that guy (or girl) do a man vs wild in the amazon. Hahah he wouldn’t stand a chance. That’s why Bear Grylls is the only guy that can do that stuff. He’s like a god. Anyone seen the Sahara desert episode? He did some pretty cool things in that episode. You won’t see people doing that anywhere else. Also I was watching it with some friends and they were like I’d never do that for the life of me. They seriously wouldn’t? Not even if they were in the sahara for a week, with no food, a pocket knife and about 500mL of water. I doubt that they wouldn’t eat anything that moved. Don’t you ever wonder, like for example open water, two people are stuck in the middle of shark infested waters with scuba diving gear that’s just about to run out of oxygen. They have no food no drinkable water and the currents are taking them further and further. What would you do if you were in situations like that? Think about that for a while.

Duration : 0:10:47

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