This was one of those dives that I can only describe as “Pure Joy.”

It wasn’t deep, it wasn’t even rough and the viz clear. Effortlessly gliding thru water, at one with our marine environment.

I hope this video exemplifies the experience. This is why I dive.

Susan Bird and I descended to about 30 feet and swam east with Suzanne and her buddy following. We made quick work of crossing Middle Reef and over some sand to the other side of Whaler’s Cove and before long we were at Coal Chute Caverns via a nice swim-thru. Susan waited at the entrance for me and motioned me to go in first. “after you doc” What manners! Cool, so I did some video in the cavern.

Suzzane and her buddy came in next. Not long after that, Suzanne, motioned to Susan that they were leaving as they had reached their turnaound pressure. Susan and I contuned and followed Middle Reef, staying on the reef while heading back to the ramp. Midway there, my video lights ran out, so I was shooting without lights. I was under Susan shooting her silhouette, when she signaled me with her light and there I saw what she wanted me to see, she was in the middle of a huge school of krill that had deceded to circle her. Cool. I gradually ascended to her depth moving as little as possible, and I too found myself encircled in the school.

Site: Whaler’s Cove, Middle Reef, Coal Chute Caverns
75 minutes, 49 feet, 52 degrees, visibility around 30 feet in the cove.
Dive Safe, Dive Well,

Harry (doc) Wong
Project Warships to Nurseries, Monterey
Project Surviving Monastery Beach Diving

Duration : 0:2:24


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