travel space and see another plant/moon/star
visit africa
go underwater cave diving
visit the pyramids of egypt
safe an edangered species
study wildlife in the amazonian rainforest
go scuba diving
dive on the great barrier reef
learn to fly a plane
rescue a manatee
travel the nile via motorless boat
save a life
help people in darfur
see a whale up close and personal
plant a huge garden or start a forest

what will you do?

go 2 a country not sure which 1 yet
save a soul
go swimming
go surfing
go snowboarding
go wakeboarding
go biking
take a shower
go 2 church
go 2 ny 2 c the Yankees
hopefully ill b able 2 walk again lol
go 2 oregon or however u spell it
go 2 cali.

wow u r amazing!!!!!!!!!

Many people want to dive with Dolphins, thata easy but what about seals?