Winter Diving

I never dive with a “ cold “ or even the symptoms ! That’s a comment  you hear a lot, but it is interesting to know that 90 % of Barotrauma injuries are caused by the inability to equalise,  due to the onset of a cold or even just the symptoms.




Great Barrier Reef. If you want somewhere without tourists, then you have to dig deep in your pockets…. Australia’s Gold Coast is huge and you will definitely find somewhere along there.

But the real gems in Australia diving are not the best known ones.

I really enjoy diving in Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, there is an abundance and variety of dive sites from beginner to jaded professional. Just out of the heads in Bass Strait are some of the best dives in the the world, the charter market and rentals are competitive and safe.



I hear you can charter a boat in SF for around 2K and they will take you out by Angel Island where the Great Whites are and let you go down in a cage and photograph them and take pictures.
Have you done this? whats it like?