Having been lucky enough to be invited along to speak to one of my modern day heroes, the reality of meeting Scott Cassell was in fact better than I could have imagined. For those who don’t know who Scott is, he is one of the world’s most influential marine conservationists, an oceanographer, a combat dive instructor and a man who has worked with some of the biggest underwater exploratory companies in the world… he’s also a charming and very friendly guy who loves what he does.

Scott recently did a 30 mile dive to try and raise awareness about the decreasing standard of our oceans and to study the shark population while he did so. He is now in the process of doing 3 back to back 30 mile dives where he will not only draw the worlds attention to the sorry state of the seas but where he can carry out a more in depth study of underwater life.

Throughout the interview below, we discussed attacks by giant squid, swimming with sharks, his all important equipment (including his new partnership with Luminox watches) and about his adventures with Sea Wolves Unlimited and the Undersea Voyager Project which he instrumental in. Scott regaled me with stories about hunting undersea poachers, being run over by a boat and generally what it is like to have the ocean as your office.

Watch the full video interview