If you have a close relationship with a diver, finding the right gift for your them can be as hard as finding a ghost shark, there’s so much to choose from.


Here are 6 gifts that are sure to make your diver’s heart sink.

Specialty Courses

Diving takes a brave soul and it certainly takes sharp skills to go under water. Keep your diving companion sharp by treating them to a specialty course is one of the most enriching things you can do. Specialty courses include but are not limited to, navigation, stress and rescue, deep diving, night and limited visibility and beyond. Most areas offer some sort of diving courses so research what’s available in your area.

Underwater Photography

There are plenty of choices, but depending on the divers experience and your budget, choosing a camera will take research. One good underwater shot can really complete a diver’s career, so a good camera will go a long way. Underwater cameras and lenses range in size and size is important when diving down in the water. The Underwater Photography Guide is a resourceful website in guiding shoppers.

Dive with the Great Whites

If you’re diver is braver than most and takes Shark Week very seriously, than an experience gift certificate to dive with the Great White sharks may be the catch of the day. This experience gift makes for a great birthday gift and will certainly be an odyssey they will remember forever. Diving with sharks is not an easy fete but the divers out there who have a passion for this prehistoric and powerful shark will have an experience of a lifetime.

Solar Powered Charger

With long hours spent away from shore, the avid diver still needs some way to communicate with family and friends or to post on their blog if they have one.  A solar powered charger can provide a failsafe way for all of the devices that the diver needs to be charged up and ready for use when they are needed.  Find out how to choose the best solar powered charger here.

Go Pro Underwater Camera

This is one of the most sought after items that a diver wants to get his hands on.  This is a way for a diver to communicate his experience to another person who does not dive.  A Go Pro offers the opportunity to share footage of a dive.  If you have a diver in your life that does not have a Go Pro you should try to understand the intricacies of this equipment so that you can make an informed choice if you decide to purchase a Go Pro.

H20 Odyssey Go Bag

This is a waterproof case that keeps all of the diver’s items dry.  These bags are available in several sizes and will protect items on a dive of up to 100 feet below the surface.  This is the perfect way to protect a smartphone or other electronic device, especially if they are going to take it along with them on a dive.

Don’t dive into the latest fads and trends for the ideal gift—especially if you’re shopping for someone who prefers to spend time underwater.  Just hold your breath, think, and then let this guide help you.


Kristin Kirk