There was a time when you probably thought scuba diving was exclusively, truth is nothing else gets you as close to marine life and the aquatic underworld as scuba diving.

Across the globe, there are several notable locations for scuba diving, one of which is Kauai- the oldest and one of the most fascinating Islands in Hawaii. In fact, there are only a few places on earth that can match the majestic beauty and splendour that Kauai is known for. No wonder it is called the Garden Isle. The good thing is, this beauty is evident on land, atop the magnificent hills, at the beach and deep within the oceans and lakes. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, here are the basics.


Many have had the opportunity to snorkel, but they find they long to stay and spend more time in the environment with the local wildlife. If you intend to go out on the ocean and take a dive in, Kauai presents a beautiful option as one of the most rugged scuba diving destinations in Hawaii and even beyond for both novice and experienced divers.

Why Kauai?

Kauai, with its neighbour Niihau, are a great scuba diving spot for many reasons. We can talk about their extraordinary underwater topography, crystal-clear visibility and amazing aquatic species that you’re likely to spot. If you do gain access to the privately owned ‘Forbidden Island’ Niihau, just 17 miles (27 km) from the coast of Kauai, you’re sure to find endangered species like the Hawaiian monk seal frolicking playfully in their protected habitat.

Monk seal and diver

Advanced divers can enjoy the more adventurous day trips between May and September each year. But if it’s your first time or you’re still learning the ropes, Kauai’s southern shores offer a great opportunity to explore the deep. The underwater terrain in Kauai is unique, with breathtaking sights like caverns and incredible lava tube formations, volcanic ridges, and other mind blowing terrains where you’ll typically find white-tip sharks, rainbow tropical fish and sea turtles. The longnose hawkfish and Hawaiian Turkeyfish are some of the micro critters that abound here too.

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Favourite spots for amazing scuba diving

  • Sheraton Caverns: This takes top spot for me for the simple fact that it is the most requested dive site in Kauai. With depths reaching 60 feet at some spots and little current, if any, this is a dive spot for divers of all experience levels. The site is off Poipu beach and diving from a boat is the most likely option for you. You’re sure to spot a sight of green sea turtles and blue-stripe snappers as you swim through the exotic, sunlit caverns.


  • Vertical Awareness: If you’ve never spotted a Hawaiian monk seal, taking a dive at the Vertical Awareness may just be your best chance. There are just over 1,000 of these rare mammals left on earth and many them are found here. The impressive clarity and jaw-dropping underwater landscape, coupled with sheer drop-offs are some of the highlights of this adventure. Giant trevally, Sandbar sharks and rock-boring urchins are other sights you won’t miss.


  • Turtle Bluffs-Fish Bowl-General Store: There is an order to this last spot on our list and it is due to prevailing currents. Sometimes, the reverse is the case. These three are done as a drift dive and you’re sure to be rewarded with sights of caves and overhangs, as well as lots of fish, with some sharks, turtles and black coral trees in your way or gliding through.


Some Scuba Diving Services in Kauai

Seasport Divers offers great trips to beautiful locations in Kauai, including the forbidden Island of Niihau.


Kauai Down Under Scuba is popular among expert divers and first time adventurers as well.


Bubbles Below Scuba Charters offers amazing scuba diving services across the three major areas of Kauai, Niihau, and Na Pali.


Garden Isle Divers are big on paying detailed attention to each driver and like to travel with small teams of divers. They are also crazy about fun and adventure.


Explore Kauai Scuba, LLC is another which promises the time of a lifetime, 6 divers (or less) at a time.



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