Sea Pearls Ankle Weights (1 Pair)

Top quality ankle weights in 3 sizes and 4 colors. For use in trimming your balance, these weights are a must for suits with buoyant legs. Especially useful with drysuits. Handy as snap-on utility weights. SEA PEARLS|ANKLE WEIGHTS



Drysuit Dry Socks

Our Products : Wet/Dry Suits Drysuits Price: $45.00 SKU: 38-3051 Dry Suit Dry Socks For additional warmth and dry feet, replace andle seals with Drysuti Dry Socks. Easy to wear because there is not restriction at the angle cuff. Men’s shoe sizes $45 A – – 38-3051 Small Fits 7-8.5 $45 B – – 38-3052