Rip Curl Core Fireskin 5/3 AQ Wetsuit - Women's

Reynolds Core Fireskin 5/3 AQ Wetsuit – Women’s The Rip Curl Women’s Core Fireskin 5/3mm Fullsuit gives you toasty warmth without setting your wallet on fire.



Henderson Gold Core 7/5mm Jumpsuit - Wet Suits - Scuba diving equipment & gear

Adjustable Velcro Collar – helps keep cold out 7mm throughout the main body for greater warmth 5mm strategic panels for better fit and mobility Lighter in weight than standard neoprene Provides greater warmth than standard neoprene Dries nearly instantly providing for a warm suit on the 2nd dive Better fit and mobility due to its super stretch capabilities Flexible stylistic knee pads provide exceptional grip and durability Easier donning and sweeter smelling Trioval seals Back Zip with Leash (pull cord) MENS COLORS: Black with Blue accents WOMENS COLORS: Black with Blue and Purple accents MENS SIZES: XSmall through 3XLarge WOMENS SIZES: Continued…



I do a lot of cliff jumping and the water is typically cold mountain water. Will a wetsuit keep me significantly warmer?

yes it will!!! i wear one every time i go scuba diving. when you first get into the water you'll feel cold because the water will seep into a suit, but the way that the suit works is that the water will get trapped in your suit & your body heat will warm the water up & itll stay in your suit & keep you warm. then its REALLY warm & youll be really glad you wore it:)

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Any other fun facts about L.A or California in general would be much appreciated. I’m thinking about moving there next year for school but I can’t decide. Pros? Cons?

The beaches are filthy and cold almost year-round. Sorry, that’s not a real “fun fact”, but it’s what you asked for…

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Adults and nymphs are only able to survive for 2-3 days off the host in optimal conditions.

Under normal circumstances however this is more likely to be measured in hours rather than days as the adult louse is highly susceptible to dehydration and will quickly starve.

Eggs can survive away from the host for up to 7 days but will not hatch without the warmth of a human host.

Wash wetsuits in soapy warm water and then leave to dry for about 7 days. Do not allow the wetsuits to be worn until the week is over.

With this in mind it is fairly obvious that compulsive cleaning is totally unnecessary.

It is more important to make sure there is no live lice on the head rather than on the wetsuits

Feel free to read any of the articles at the following website for more information.

Good Luck.

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My friend is doing a triathlon and we were looking for places to try them on.


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I want to know.

They are a brand. I own three Bare suits:

7mm Arctic
5mm Velocity
2mm Shorty

They are great suits. My arctic zipper pull got pulled off, and replaced with a zip tie. That’s the only issue I’ve had.

Friends with the Henderson line have no problems with theirs, either.

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I'm looking for a rash guard type shirt or some type of body suit for myWeimaraners to protect them from the sun. Sunscreen works okay, but we take them boating quite frequently, so I'm looking for a better option.
I'm looking for a rash guard type shirt or even a wetsuit type shirt to protect from my Weims from the sun. I'm not looking for a life jacket as much as sun protection. Sunscreen works well, but applying it often is a pain, so I am looking for a simpler solution. Anybody know any good retailers of these kinds of items?
Wow, Cassie. Some life you must have to sit and answer questions that you have no intelligent answer for. Don't bother if you're gonna be a smart-ass.

Petedge is the BEST place for stuff like this. They are cheap and have great quality items, they provide everything for dogs and cats even hard to get stuff that groomers use.

These are life jackets
Here are bodysuits from K9 Top Coat

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I am moving their, but don't know if i need a full body wetsuit or a lighter kind. What kind should i get?

In the winter I woud reccomend a wet suite just because the water gets very cold. But right now the water ranges from 74-80 degrees and just incase you don't really know how warm that is- it's wonderful!!! Like warmer than pool water!!! i would buy one for the seasons following summer, but let me tell you right now there is no need for wetsuit you'd be too hot at this time of the year.

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My 13 month old received one for his birthday–we will be swimming tomorrow and I was wondering if any parents out there had any thoughts on them. Do you think they help, or hinder? Of course I don't plan on letting him go while we're in the water, so what's the point??

I was told, by a swimming instructor, that they give kids a false sense of security. When they outgrow them, they have no true understanding that they don't float. Kids who wear them, go in deeper water before they can swim and have a false sense of safety around water when adults aren't present.

At one, you will be holding him the entire time. If his head slips under for a millisecond, it could actually be good in the long run. It teaches kids to enjoy water on their faces and to hold their breath, yes even at one.

My 8 year old niece wore one as a child and is terrified of the water now that it doesn't fit her. I know that is just one case but still…she will only stay in water that comes to her waist.

My 3 year old can swim. He never wore one. I held him until he could stand and walk in the shallow end alone and I still stay right by him.
My 5 year old didn't wear one either but he can't swim on his own, so every kid is very different. But he is very safety conscious around water and loves the pool.

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